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We make your software ideas become real

You want to

  • present information based on large amounts of data and connections?
  • handle complex processes in the browser?
  • enable communication between the users of your website?

Are you looking for an engaged partner to realize your projects,

  • who develops operative software from your visions and wishes and therefore frees you from some of your duties and responsibilities?
  • who provides advice concerning the realization of your software ideas?
  • who delivers you a customized software solution with which you can easily monitor and control your data and processes?
  • who provides you professional and reliable support?
  • to whom you can outsource software projects or subtasks to free your own resources for new tasks?

...then please contact us!

We offer you a fast, reliable and professional realization by using our experiences and tools that we gained and strengthened while developing our own and other projects.

We realize Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) for you and integrate them into your existing databases, plan your servers (including Web Services und Streaming) and create user-friendly client applications for you.

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